What is web marketing?

Internet marketing specialists flood us with many slogans – SEO, viral marketing, video marketing… But what exactly is Internet marketing and why is it worth investing in Internet marketing?

What is marketing?

Before we start answering the question what web marketing is, we will briefly present what marketing is in general.

MARKETING is a social process that allows you to freely exchange and offer goods or services that have some value.

The marketing process is first of all a well-thought-out strategy, the activities of which are to have long-term effects. Its aim is to reach as many potential customers as possible – people who are interested in a given service or product. Marketing uses many tools that allow for efficient implementation of the strategy and gaining as many customers as possible, and thus increasing profits.

Many people put a sign of equality between marketing and promotion of products and services. However, this is a very large generalization, because marketing consists of many other activities. Among the most important are, first of all, the following:

Communication with the market;

preparing appropriate strategies for launching the product on the market, setting the price, target group and promotion and distribution;
analysing sales and introducing changes in the way the product is sold on an ongoing basis.

What is e-marketing, or e-marketing?

We already know the definition of marketing, now we will deal with one of its parts and answer the question what is e-marketing (Internet marketing)?

Internet marketing is one of the most dynamically developing branches of marketing. This is because more and more companies move their activities to the network – there they are also looking for potential customers.

INTERNET MARKETING is all activities aimed at developing a strategy for launching a product on the market, its promotion and presenting the brand in a beneficial way using the Internet. Activities in Internet marketing aim to increase the visibility of the company on the Internet, and one of the most frequently used tools for this purpose is, among others, a website.

Internet marketing focuses on the creation and consolidation of links between the brand and the recipient. Contrary to traditional marketing, in Internet marketing the role of the recipient is much greater. It is not a passive recipient of marketing messages, but it has the opportunity to conduct a dialogue with the brand and express its opinion in response to marketing activities.


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