Tips For Building Your Own LinkedIn Group

If people are beating money from social networking sites like LinkedIn and you are not, there is a reason to sit down and review your strategy. There are many people who earn a lot of money with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

There are many ways you can use LinkedIn for profit. If you are one of those who like to write their own script and come up with their own system, good luck. However, there are two proven ways that can shorten your time and money to invest in starting a business.

The first one is to follow the already successful LinkedIn marketer, copy exactly the same process and implement. But how to do this, no one intends to spill the beans and increase their competition. You’ll still find people offering mentoring or training on a single basis. This will certainly be a costly proposition, but then all companies require some investment or other.

The second way is to join or enroll in the established online training and educational institution and acquire the required skills.

Be careful when choosing a mentor or training institution as the world of the Internet is full of people waiting to break their wallets.

Having said that here are some tips that I followed to start marketing my business on LinkedIn.

You are what your profile is

LinkedIn as a social networking site for professionals is completely different from Facebook or Twitter. People are quite cautious about who they connect to. Practically everyone who wants to connect to you will visit your profile as a first step.

That’s why it’s extremely important that you create a very professional profile. Who you are, what you are doing and how you can add value to other professionals. All this must come very clearly. I strongly suggest that you go through the LinkedIn guide and follow LinkedIn best practice. Professionals respect and love people with a 100% complete and updated profile.

Choose and join your interest groups

The best aspect of LinkedIn is the huge number of professional groups in the system. I think there is no profession, activity or business without multiple groups for each segment, niche or sub-segment.

With so many groups available, choosing the right group becomes quite a difficult task. I simply check the group statistics and look for activities in the group. Whether people engage in self-promotion – this can be seen from the number of discussions, or whether they are people actively engaging in comments – interactions.

Why should I join the group? Well, the whole network and the whole generation is guided by the group and its members. Using LinkedIn rather than joining groups is like having an inactive bank account.

Start Interaction – Join the discussion

Joining groups alone will not take you anywhere. You have to go through the discussions and choose the ones you are interested in. Get involved in these discussions. Add comments that will attract potential clients.

Not only this, but also initiating several discussions on your own. Choose a topic that will be of interest to other members of the group. Your goal should be to become and remain the main influencing factor in most of your groups through the quality of your discussions and comments. LinkedIn displays on its sidebar the graphics of the top players who influence it. In this way you start building a brand “You”, creating a “pull” to yourself.

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups. Join as many people as possible as you Extract email addresses from your list who you can deal with ease and proficiency in the social media platform.



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