For several days now we have been offering a callback RINGY widget. We have just introduced the possibility to test it and added a new option, i.e. “SMS reminder”.
Callback RINGY is already established on our website and in our product offer. It is also interested in more and more customers who want to place it on their websites. Therefore, we do not intend to stop at what is and we are working on its improvement without any respite. About what we have already implemented we are writing below, but we promise that soon further news concerning RINGA will see the light of day.

SMS reminder
RINGY can call back to your customer within a few seconds. This is the most common option chosen by the users. It happens, however, that the customer decides on the option of conversation at a later date. If it is a shift of several minutes, you will probably remember about such an ordered conversation. However, when it postpones the date of the conversation by a few days, the probability of forgetting about it increases significantly.

In such a situation it is worth to use the new functionality in RINGY, i.e. SMS reminder.

In the Customer’s panel, in the tab concerning RINGS, we added the block “SMS reminder”. It can be set so that each customer who has chosen the contact option at a later date is sent an SMS with information about the planned conversation.

In the settings we have a possibility:

selection of a specific sender field,
specify when, i.e. how many minutes before the call the message is to be sent,
determine the content of the information.
The cost of sending a text message resembling a text message is in accordance with the TeleCube price list.

RINGY test period
We realize that nobody likes to buy a cat in a bag. Conscious choice allows us to avoid unnecessary disappointments. That is why we offer an opportunity for all interested parties who have not yet had the opportunity to use the RINGA, to check it and finally decide whether to buy it or not to continue using it, after the tests have been completed. During the testing period there will be no subscription fees, but the fee will be charged for phone calls and text messages sent.

Rings can be tested by both regular TeleCube users and newly registered users.

A TeleCube customer who systematically uses any virtual PBX or Mini VoIP package will be able to implement one widget free of charge, i.e. test it on a selected website. The test may last until the end of the settlement period in which it was started, i.e. even about 30 days.

Customers who have just registered in the TeleCube service (applies to the virtual PBX or Mini VoIP package), can test any number of RINGY widgets, i.e. implement them on several of their websites. The tests will be free of charge until the end of the standard test period set for a given virtual PBX or Mini VoIP package, i.e. a maximum of 14 days.



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