Mobile internet in India

Mobile Internet in India, or Mobile WiFi

Many people are wondering whether it is possible to live modern life in exotic countries. Especially that every year tourists are more and more demanding and often clean accommodation alone is no longer enough for them. Contact with family or friends is very important for them, and for this activity you need a permanent Internet connection (to talk via Skype or WhatsApp). We analyzed access to the Internet in India, which is becoming a very popular destination for Polish tourists. Results below 😉 1.

1. mobile XOXO WIFI router

At the very beginning, the possibility, which we strongly recommend for many reasons. First of all – renting a mobile router is a guarantee of safe use of the Internet thanks to WPA2 security measures. Secondly, XOXO WiFi is an unlimited and fast Internet, which will not take up valuable time. Thirdly, it is a very cheap option compared to the costs of international roaming. Fourthly – in case of problems it is possible to help through a 24-hour technical department. XOXO WiFi is a mobile router that connects to the best mobile network operator in the location where you are. You can connect up to 5 mobile devices such as laptops, mattresses, tablets, etc. to it. Mobile Internet in India you can rent on the website . In addition to India, you can also use it in more than 100 countries on every continent.


Roaming is the easiest option to use the Internet through international roaming. Its biggest advantage is its ease of use. Just turn on the mobile network in your phone and voila – we have the Internet. The only serious drawback is that we then have a gigantic bill for roaming. The costs of international roaming reach several thousand zlotys for downloading 1GB of data. Due to such exorbitant amounts we recommend using this option only in crisis situations. Below we have checked how much it would cost to use 1 GB of data in selected countries. Unfortunately, mobile Internet in India can be terribly expensive.

3. SIM cards and phones – mobile Internet India

In India, as in most countries, every foreigner can purchase a local network SIM card and use Internet packages offered by Indian mobile operators. There is, however, a hook for such a mobile Internet India – if you buy a SIM in Delhi, you can only use it in this area. Any connection or use of the Internet elsewhere in India will be treated as “roaming”, which will result in the imposition of additional charges. That’s why it makes much more sense to rent a phone in India that can be used anywhere in India. However, we are still limited to one device, and not our own.

4. WiFi hotspots

Even in such an exotic country, mobile Internet in India will not be an anguish, because without problems we will find WiFi hotspots, which are available in almost every better restaurant, airports and railway stations. However, there are many disadvantages of hotspots, including one closely related to India. Well, in this country not all WiFi points are free of charge. In many buildings hotspots are password protected, and obtaining it costs from 60 to 100 rupees. It should also be remembered that such Internet can have a relatively low transfer rate, and in the case of unprotected network, Internet surfing can be very dangerous!


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