God Is Not A Religion

God does not come from a particular church as well as He has no religious beliefs: I have actually discovered this to be real and incredibly liberating. When we understand that God is not connected or affiliated with a denomination, church team, as well as or religious beliefs, it takes the limit off of that HE is. God is not Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal Righteousness, Church of God in Christ, Buddhist, Islamic as well as on and also on.

He does not live in any kind of denomination, neither does any kind of religion or Church for that issue, have a monopoly on God. HE is God.

God did not send His Kid to develop a brand-new faith, or start a brand-new religion. Neither did he send His Kid to separate The Body of Christ. Faith as well as denominationalism does just that– separates. For instance, certain denominations(religion) educates us to comply with rules and also solutions, what you can and also can not put on, cosmetics or no cosmetics, as well as various other repulsive “legislations.” Christ was sent out for the function of settlement, as well as taking down obstacles.

The mentors of Christ and the Spirit of Liberty is a great deal greater than mindless submission to someone’s policies and also doctrines. We are created to assume as well as uncover Christ easily. Salvation has actually never ever been a justification to be oblivious. Lack of knowledge is a discourse on what we do not recognize. Most of the times, thats why policies and dogmatic suggestions are implemented: to maintain us at night as well as terrified to look for beyond what we are told we can not do.

However Saints, serving God is a lot higher than this!

There is a lot a lot more concerning God as well as His glory to find. If you want more of God, you should release yourself from contaminated institutionalized religious thinking.

I recognize that most of us have actually been born, raised, increased, and also declare we will die for or die being a certain denomination! Well, the issue is that we are dying to that institution of thought, church suggestion, program– dying for a passed on religious principle. To put it simply, that church, etc is put above God. Some individuals are much more devoted to their churches than to God. We have actually been cultured into recognizing the teaching yet not God. God can not be limited to any solitary perception, thought or definitely a church.

I have typically heard people jubilantly declare that their church is “Holyghost headquarters.: He can not be restricted to your minimal reasoning. God is everywhere. Isn’t that liberating to understand that He does not just hang out at the church down the road with finest choir, or far better sound system? God is larger than that! He intends to inhabit us all.

I intend to send to you a God that is unlimited as well as larger than your great church, denomination, superintendent, Diocesan, Priest, building fund, every one of those points that often obtain even more Glory than Our Dad. Religious beliefs quits progress. It holds people in chains and anxiety. Several teachings, rites as well as guidelines are developed to control as well as manage the Body of Christ. Sometimes the church becomes the hacienda, as well as the participants the slaves!

However where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty! The Spirit of God is your emancipator… stroll in freedom, explore Your Papa with connection not faith. God is not behind the 4 wall surfaces just. He is Omnipresent. This is a clarion require all that are bound by rituals to damage free and also welcome God. He wants to occupy your Praise!


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