Mobile internet in India

Mobile Internet in India, or Mobile WiFi Many people are wondering whether it is possible to live modern life in exotic countries. Especially that every year tourists are more and more demanding and often clean accommodation alone is no longer enough for them. Contact with family or friends is very important for them, and for this activity you need a permanent Internet connection (to talk via Skype or WhatsApp). We analyzed access to the Internet…

"Mobile internet in India"


For several days now we have been offering a callback RINGY widget. We have just introduced the possibility to test it and added a new option, i.e. “SMS reminder”. Callback RINGY is already established on our website and in our product offer. It is also interested in more and more customers who want to place it on their websites. Therefore, we do not intend to stop at what is and we are working on its…


Routing resolver and download animation

In Angular there are several ways to load data into the component. One of the little known and rarely used mechanisms is the so-called resolver. This word, in my opinion, cannot be translated meaningfully into Polish, so I will use this name in the whole article. From this entry you will learn what the advantages and disadvantages of using the resolver, what are the alternatives, and how to easily implement the data loading animation. Asynchronous…

"Routing resolver and download animation"

Information technology in education

My quick conclusions were based on the memory of my information technology lessons in secondary school. I remember when we were learning Word. First a few lessons about tabulations, styles, fonts, paragraphs, etc., in order to finally get a card printed from Word, which we were supposed to reproduce as faithfully as possible in Word. Then there was Excel and, of course, summing up, counting the average, and in the test we had to make…

"Information technology in education"

What is web marketing?

Internet marketing specialists flood us with many slogans – SEO, viral marketing, video marketing… But what exactly is Internet marketing and why is it worth investing in Internet marketing? What is marketing? Before we start answering the question what web marketing is, we will briefly present what marketing is in general. MARKETING is a social process that allows you to freely exchange and offer goods or services that have some value. The marketing process is…

"What is web marketing?"